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"New audiences will find their new favorite in this intergalactic artist". Modern Mystery, Aug 2021

"Blending the chiming piano and pulsing bass that is often the hallmark of Star Goes Nova, to this they add all manner of otherworldly sounds – sweeping strings, groovesome electronica, tasteful and understated riffs, ambient undercurrents and shimmering inclusions..  Gorgeous, adventurous, addictive and forward-thinking…what more could you ask for?"  Dancing About Architecture, Sept 2021

"She never ceases to amaze with her signature dubstep to show beauty, time, and space in the reality that surrounds us. A huge bravo to Star Goes Nova." Indie-Music, Sept 2021


"We love the combination of EDM and classical instruments ... We’re so excited to hear more and experience another epic tale by Star Goes Nova." Independent Artist Buzz, April 2021

"Star Goes Nova is truly a call to those who love to stargaze and those who enjoy listening to experimental music that allows them to explore the world around them. Another great single by an extremely talented instrumentalist and producer. Every song she releases takes the listener on a journey through space and time and allows them to see things from a different, much more celestial perspective." Patch, June 2021

" Diversity and intricacy  ,,,, hardcore bands and orchestra .... unique combination of all creates a sci-fi universe to delve into."  Modern Mystery Voyageur

""Star Goes Nova is honing her sound engineering skills with her newest music. She’s able to take people to a place filled with magic and possibilities. She utilizes her talents when it comes to music production and creates beautiful instrumentations that resonate in the soul with her 115 year old piano and knack for creating great beats.", EthnoCloud, April 2021

"Music that feels like it’s from another world.... beautiful vocals, dubstep rhythm tracks, and 115 year old piano to create something magical ...we are so happy that she is staying true to herself and burning as bright as she can. Star Goes Nova is able to use her neoclassical influence to create a beautiful story with so much metaphorical meaning. It is truly an inspiration."  Indie-Source, April 2021


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